Icycalm is a criminal.

Icycalm, a.k.a. Alex Kierkegaard, is a criminal and a fugitive wanted in America for wire fraud.

Do not trust him with your money or credit card details under any circumstances.

He looks like this:

His real name is Antony Zyrmpas which is also sometimes spelled Anthony Zirbas. He is Greek but has lived in various other places including America, Japan and possibly Spain. He may have either American or Greek citizenship or possibly both. He studied aerospace engineering at the University of Washington.

In 2001, in America, Antony Zyrmpas fraudulently stole $165,000 of which only $46,000 was recovered. He got caught and subsequently fled to Greece.

Peter Lewis at The Seattle Times has written a full article on Antony Zyrmpas here.

From the article:

Zyrmpas was charged in U.S. District Court in Seattle this week with a single felony count of wire fraud. Authorities believe he is the mastermind behind a scheme to defraud hundreds of online-auction buyers, many of whom Zyrmpas apparently lulled into believing he was a trustworthy seller.

More than $165,000 from nearly 300 victims had been identified as of May 4, and additional charges are expected in state or federal court, authorities said yesterday.

(In case the article is removed, an image is available here)

If $165,000 was stolen and only $46,000 was returned, then Antony Zyrmpas must have gotten away with $119,000.

Antony Zyrmpas writes online under the pseudonyms ‘Icycalm’ and ‘Alex Kierkegaard’ at his website www.insomnia.ac and www.culture.vg . culture.vg is registered under the name Anthony Zirbas. He can also be found posting at various forums and message boards.

On the insomnia.ac forums Icycalm admitted to being a criminal. Unfortunately I cannot access the original forums but over at the TIG Forums, member ‘C.A. Sinclair’ managed to get the quote:

“Well, there are many ways to make money, and flipping burgers is certainly one of them, but there are others. When faced with a similar situation, for example, I chose to steal money using an elaborately-planned scam. The entire business lasted a couple of months, and then I had enough money for half a decade. Plus it was extremely interesting, challenging, fun, etc. Crime in general is extremely fun — I would be doing it even if I were not being “paid” (lol) to do it.”

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This fits with the Peter Lewis Seattle Times article above.
At a culture.vg forum thread Icycalm states:

“I became an aerospace engineer”

(In case the post is removed, an image is available here🙂

This also fits with the Peter Lewis Seattle Times article above.
At insomnia.ac Icycalm states that he cannot settle in one place and has to constantly travel.

“If anyone reading this, by the way, is wondering why I don’t just simply settle somewhere…

… for this almost pathological need for near-constant travel?”

Due to his criminal history and current status as a fugitive Antony Zyrmpas must stay on the move to evade capture by the Police.

Icycalm feels his crimes are justified because he believes he is a Nietzschean Ubermensch and as such is above good and evil. He considers the rest of the human race to be “subhumans” and so therefore believes they deserve to be exploited. Seriously. This is what he actually believes.

In fact he is a Narcissist. See also Nietzsche Wannabe.

In 2001, at the time The Peter Lewis Seattle Times article above was written, it states that Antony Zyrmpas was 23 years old. From this we can conclude that he was born in 1978.

A domain lookup for culture.vg produces the following information:

Anthony Zirbas

Apartamento 100, Edificio Cologan, Calle Cologan 6, Puerto de la Cruz TF 38400

(In case the web page is removed, I have made an image available here🙂

It is unknown if he actually lives at this address.
I will state once more for emphasis: Icycalm, a.k.a. Alex Kierkegaard, Antony Zyrmpas and Anthony Zirbas, is a criminal and a fugitive wanted in America for wire fraud.

Do not trust him with your money or credit card details under any circumstances.